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ภาษาไทย : วารสาระคาม
English : Sarakham Journal

printed version (ISSN : xxxx-xxxx) || online version since 2013 (ISSN : xxxx-xxxx)

Quality certification of Journal
Sarakham Journal has been listed in Thai Journal Citation Index ( Tier 2)

Division of Research facilitation and dissemination Mahasarakham University 2nd floor Silk innovation building, Kham Riang, Kantharawichai, Maha Sarakham, Thailand 44150

The Sarakham journal is the journal aims to distribute scholarly works and research valuable to the development of academic knowledge in best practice knowledge which valuable in organization development. The scope of the journal are as follows: supportive officer research, organization development in humanities and social science fields. All article will be reviewed by professional reviewers from both outside and inside Mahasarakham University in order to meet the international standard with approximately 20 articles are published each year.

Advising Editor :
President of Mahasarakham University

Publication period
- Number 1 January-June
- Number 2 July-December

Editor in Chief :
Assoc. Prof. Rungson Chomeya Mahasarakham University